Branch Leadership

Elected Branch Officers- Executive Committee

Co-Presidents– Betty Kroniser and Deborah Rosenfelder (2017-2019)

Program V.P. – Linda Clautti   (2017-2019)

Secretary – Janis Kapadia  (2017-2019)

Treasurer – Katherine Keith (2016-2018)

Membership V.P. – Maripat Kwaczala (2016-2018)

Immediate Past President: Susan Banerjee (2015-2017)

Appointed Board

AAUW Funds: Linda Tozier

Communications: Bobbie Hall

Diversity: Janice Peischl and Barbara Matthews

Public Policy: Peggy Schmiedecke and Cynthia Stewart

College/University Liaisons: Julie Makuta and Peggy Schmiedecke

STEM: Susan Banerjee

Hospitality: Mary Eury, Marilyn Loichinger, and Judy Dillon

Great Decisions: Ellen McDevitt

Incentive Grant

Greens: Joan Killinger and Sina Murphy

Website: Susan Banerjee

Social & Cultural Interest Groups: Barbara Matthews

Viewpoints Editor: Bobbie Hall
Distribution:            Linda Tozier

Yearbook Editor: Deborah Rosenfelder

Auditor: Marcia Coleman

By-Laws/Branch Policy: Sylvia Lynn and Maryann Anderson

Let’s Read Math: Peggy Garbooshian

Photographer: Ann Carlson

Book Groups:  Morning- Mary Ann Betush
Evening- Peggy Garbooshian

Bridge: Deborah Hackney

IPODS: Clare Hoke

Lunch Bunch: Anita Wurthner