Student Workshop Descriptions

Students must pick one TECH Savvy Workshop and one Savvy Workshop during Registration.

TECH Savvy Workshops

Making in the Modern Age: Intro to 3D Printing  presenter Kayla Geer-Trusst Lingerie

Discover additive manufacturing aka 3D printing and witness an object being made layer by layer with your own eyes. Learn about the pros and cons of this high tech field. In this hands-on workshop you will practice engineering design techniques, learn about printer resolution, and material concepts. If it can be designed, it can be printed!

Hour of Code presenters  Jane Arnold and Jeff Perdue-La Roche College

We live in a world surrounded by technology. Whatever field you choose to go into as adults, your ability to succeed will increasingly hinge on understanding how technology works. Learning to code is key! So let’s get started… come join me in an Hour of Code ™ !

     “Don’t just play with your phone, program it!” –President Barack Obama

Meet the Girls of Steel Robots presenters Dr. Theresa Richards and current Girls of Steel

Girls of Steel Robotics, founded in 2010, is a K-12 outreach program at the Field Robotics Center of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute. Join us to meet members of the Girls of Steel FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition teams and learn about how they strengthen their interests in STEM subjects by building robots for competition, by creating presentations for competition judges and outreach activities, and by working together as a team to inspire others with their mission: To find success in the empowerment of girls through well developed skills in STEM. There will be three stations where you will learn about designing, building, programming, and testing the different robots.

Exploring the Uses and Properties of (Not Necessarily) Dry Ice presenters Dr. Don Fujito and Dr. Becky Bozym -La Roche College

After exploring some fun properties of dry ice, we will attempt to construct a simple device, which will enable us to use crushed dry ice to extract a substance called limonene from orange rinds (limonene is the substance that is the cleaning agent in commercial orange-based cleaning sprays). We will analyze the limonene obtained by infrared spectroscopy, and verify that we indeed isolate limonene. During the course of this experiment we will be able to observe carbon dioxide in its solid and liquid states, and will be able to collect gaseous carbon dioxide in a balloon that we place over the top of our extraction apparatus.

Savvy Workshops

STEM in the Real World: Pittsburgh Edition presenter Eric Harvey- Imagine Careers

Many people are scared of STEM careers. After all, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math sound so foreboding and scary, right? The truth is, these skills are need in just about all industries and companies, and they really aren’t scary at all. The fields of STEM open imminence opportunity in the real world. In this workshop, we’ll use technology to take a look into the great companies in the Pittsburgh region, and the amazing job and career opportunities inside of them for those with STEM skills.

What you need to know about Preparing for College presenter Dr. Linda Clautti

This mini course in college preparation will allow students to think seriously about their expectations of college. They will examine their own reasons for wanting college and discuss anxiety issues surrounding the college admissions process. Students will also discuss the exciting aspects about college and their prospects and process for obtaining the job of their dreams. A question/answer period will conclude the workshop.

What is STEM? Jeopardy presenters Dani Elliot and Rachel Mauer- Jr. Achievement of Western PA

In this workshop, you will play an interactive game to match your personality with STEM careers. Then, teams will go head to head in STEM Jeopardy to explore the vast variety of Careers in STEM. The winning team will get a prize!

The $ecret to Your $ucce$$ presenter Ben Brudnock- Wells Fargo

The best secrets are the ones you learn before you actually need them. When it comes to managing money and planning for your future, it’s not just what you know, but when you know it. This workshop will explain the very simple – yet very powerful – secret for budgeting money and laying the groundwork for a successful financial future.